Why are we different from other hCG programs ? It’s simple….we do NOT act as a pharmacy!

We send your RX to a U.S. pharmacy! The pharmacy delivers it to you!

Luma Kai warns: If you have ever received your medication mixed in an office to take home then your medication could possibly be diluted or even expired, and you may not know the origins of the medication. You’re not attached to a pharmacy. Usually medication is shared with several patients that’s why you can get just a few days worth. Bulk medication sent to an office comes with a label that reads “NOT FOR RESALE.”
Luma Kai hCG will never give you pre-purchased medication from an office.

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Luma Kai Packages Include:

  • Medical Encounter
  • Prescription
  • Supplies
  • 5 day a week support


  • Our medical provider will see you from the comfort of your home.
  • No need to travel or incur the cost of gas or time.
  • No need to go to the pharmacist. Medications will be delivered to you!


"I have seen positive results of the Luma Kai Weight Loss program with family and friends.” -Hector Balderas

This is not a 500 calorie diet as in the original Dr. Simeon's protocol!

women weight loss diet plan

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  • We offer 20, 30 and 40 day programs which include your face to face medical encounter and 5 day a week support. Prescriptions are sent to a licensed pharmacist!
  • Includes medical encounter via telemedicine.
  • U.S. Pharmacy direct medication.
  • All supplies.
  • 5 day a week support.

Patients who are pregnant, nursing, have cancer or are on a diuretic are not candidates for our program.

New Mexico/Colorado based

  • Licensed in New Mexico
  • Licensed in Colorado
  • Can ship internationally
Weight Loss New Mexico/Colorado based

New to the hCG diet?

Click on the Pounds and Inches Book and Read the details about the hCG diet protocol that is now being used around the world for safe and rapid weight loss!

Luma Kai hCG diet

Luma Kai does not run their program as a 500 calorie diet. Your vegetables of one choice per meal are unlimited!

Weight Loss Albuquerque

Patients can workout on the hCG diet! Our consultants will design a program to meet your level of fitness!

Weight Loss Denver/HCG Prescription

Award Winning

2015’s Best Weight Loss Service Award Winning

2015’s Best Weight Loss Service

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The Diet Blog

Tired of Failed Weight Loss Attempts? Try This!

Have you tried a lot of weight loss programs, been on strict diet and spent a lot of money to lose weight but found no results at all? Relax! We have something special in our store for you. At Luma Kai HCG Advanced Weight loss Albuquerque Program, the diet plan is easier than others you have ever.

The Problems of Being Overweight

Diet. Being overweight causes a person to always try to be on a diet of some sort. It can be exhausting when your not able to lose weight and become frustrated. Finding the right plan for you is important especially those who have chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Luma Kai only uses U.S. pharmacies!

We send your RX to a pharmacy to be filled Your information will be inside a U.S. pharmaceutical data bank. You can speak with your pharmacist anytime!

Our licensed medical providers can see you via Telemedicine. We are licensed in New Mexico and Colorado and can visit with you in the comfort of your home. Our consultants are also available to you five days a week. You do not need an appointment to receive support, you will be in contact with our Luma Kai team as often as you need it, when you need it from Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.