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Check back here often for tips, tricks and tactics to help you with  dieting and weight loss. We aim at Luma Kai HCG to offer you current information from the best sources in a format all of us can understand. Plus we will make it fun. So stay with us, comment and enjoy.  

Tired of Failed Weight Loss Attempts? Try This!

Have you tried a lot of weight loss programs, been on strict diet and spent a lot of money to lose weight but found no results at all? Relax! We have something special in our store for you. At Luma Kai HCG Advanced Weight loss Albuquerque Program, the diet plan is easier than others you have ever

Dealing with Obesity? Here is Your Savior!

Can you imagine American, Southwest, Alaska, Delta, Virgin America, JetBlue and other airlines have made amendments in seating arrangements of overweight people? Yes, you read it right. Overweight people require to buy an additional seat or seat belt extender or opt for Big front seat in such airlines. Obesity is a dangerous health problem which

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Problems of Being Overweight pt 3

For the 3rd part of our “Problems of Being Overweight” series, we have decided to cover a major problem that many will experience over the next 6 weeks. The holidays are upon us and that means, for many people, flights to other cities to visit with loved ones. For the overweight, this can be an incredible difficult

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The Problems of Being Overweight pt 2

This is the second part of our Problems of Being Overweight series. It covers the the issues that can arise in both your health and your occupation if you do not get your weight under control. If you have any questions, please call us. Thank you. 4. Health. Being overweight is clinically proven to be bad

overweight problems

The Problems of Being Overweight

Diet. Being overweight causes a person to always try to be on a diet of some sort.  It can be exhausting when your not able to lose weight and become frustrated.  Finding the right plan for you is important especially those who have chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  The Luma Kai

diet is so important to weight loss

Diet Tweaks to Help with Weight Loss

Diet and exercise are the 2 keys to weight loss. Let’s discuss the diet part of the health equation- Avoid Evening Snacks Many of us undermine our weight loss efforts by sitting down in front of the TV after dinner with a bag of chips, a box of cookies, or other high calorie snacks. It’s more

healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

There’s a big difference between healthy snacks, and junk food snacks. Planning ahead to make sure that healthy snacks are available will help you to avoid grabbing a quick junk food snack on the run. Packages of raw vegetables make excellent snacks. Control Your Sweet Tooth Indulging your sweet tooth generally means that you’ll have

water for weight loss

What You Drink Effects Weight Loss

Drink Water, It Is Your Friend Water has no calories. Most of us are under-hydrated, so unless you have a medical reason for limiting your water intake, try to drink more fresh pure water. It will help you feel fuller, and you’ll be less likely to reach for more food. In addition, it will help

Fresh Food

Good Food Decisions for Weight Loss

Skip the Fried Food Most fried or breaded food is extremely unhealthy. If you have a habit of eating these types of foods frequently, you’re almost guaranteed to have health problems. These foods are laden in oil and fat that cause weight issues and heart disease. Eat More Fresh Food Fresh food is good for

Schedule your meal times

Schedule Your Meals for Optimal Weight Loss

First part to schedule? Eat Early! Make sure you don’t skip breakfast. If your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs as your day starts, it’s metabolism will be on the prowl to solve the starvation issue throughout the day. Convince your body that there’s no shortage by having a quick healthy breakfast. The most

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