Privacy policy


Here at Luma Kai HCG, we are very much concerned about protecting the privacy of the patients and their families. We understand the importance of enhanced privacy at the time of purchasing any supplements from online stores and realizing that, we have structured our privacy policy. The policy is really simple and it explains what kind of detail we collect from the customers for the improvement of the service and how we utilize those details.

We need these details

In order to make our service more customized and precise, we collect a few details. The following details are like; Name, Email id, contact details and etc. These details actually help us to understand the present market scenarios and that’s how we can make our service more customized for your specific needs. The policy explains how the details are used and maintained for best results nad convenience.

These are the details that we need from our customers

We collect the details from our customers to understand their requirements properly and give them proper service. The details are provided willingly by our customers and we use those details only for development purposes. We need the following details from our customers:-

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

These are the details that help us understand the specific needs of the customers and based on that we design our pest control services so that you can have the best impacts out of your investment in our service.

The policy explains the perfect protection of the customer details

We are very much aware of how much these details are valuable to our customers. So, we follow extreme precautions while handling these details. Only a few of our officials have access to those data. We never discuss these details with any third party or promotional sources. The details are stored in our secured database and that is scanned with the latest antivirus to prevent malware attacks.